Koen Harmsma

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Artist Profile

Name: Koen Harmsma | Bier & Brood

Skills: illustration, silkscreens, line drawings, spraycan art

Date of birth: 23.09.1988

Residence: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Koen Harmsma, illustrator, artist and shaper of objects is based in Rotterdam. Interested in the macabre, he researches animals, architecture, machinery and objects that thrive through death and exploitation. In recent work we can see where the the path’s of this subject’s cross and entwine. Creating a detailed death trap for the viewer to fall in.

Besides this individual activities he is the initiator of the collective ‘Bier and Brood’. In which the focus lays upon collaborating between artists with different skills, backgrounds. Including silkscreening, embroidery and building objects consisting of wood.


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